NACC currently owns nine cement carriers including cement carrier conversion commissioning in 2017, and one newbuild cement carrier under construction to be delivered in Q3 2016. We are looking forward to expand our fleet globally. Please see our fleet list below:

NovaAlgoma Fleet Built/conversion Deadweight Flag
NACC Vivara 2012/2014 7,450 Philippines
NACC Procida 2012/2015 7,450 Philippines
NACC Vega 2010/2015 7,450 Malta
NACC Panarea 2007 5,895 Malta
NACC Star 2009/2016 7,150 Malta
NACC Capri 2016 7,000 Malta
NACC Quebec 2011/2017 14,000 Canada
NACC Poros 2012/2017 7,400 Malta
NACC Itaca 2012/2017 7,400 Malta


Algoma Central Corporation

Algoma Central Corporation operates the largest Canadian flag fleet of dry and liquid bulk carriers on the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Waterway, including 18 self-unloading dry-bulk carriers, seven gearless dry bulk carriers and seven product tankers. Algoma also has interests in ocean going self-unloaders operating in international markets. Algoma owns a diversified ship repair and steel fabricating facility active in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence regions of Canada.

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Nova Marine Carriers

Nova’s wholly owned subsidiary, Nova Marine Carriers SA, headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, operates a varied fleet of modern bulk carriers, cement-pneumatic and belt self unloading vessels ranging from 5,000 dwt up to 57,000 dwt. With over fifty ships under control, Nova specializes in bulk traffic in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Persian Gulf and in Italian cabotage.

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